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The Boat Club Bundle

The Boat Club Bundle

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Inspired by traditional blue & white colours of boat clubs around the world. The exclusive bundle of two bestsellers, The Henley Strap & The Regatta Strap. Giving you two exceptionally crafted straps and a notable saving.  

Both water resistant by design, however built with distinctly different materials. The Henley is comprised of a high grade silicone and The Regatta is an Italian leather strap selected from our Premium Leather - Made it Italy collection. 

This is a fantastic pairing, one for when you want an out and out sports strap and the other for when the occasion calls for a touch of Italian Leather. 


Henley Strap
- Premium high grade silicone strap
- Stainless steel pin and buckle
- Precision Apple Watch Adapters

Regatta Strap
- Italian Calfskin Leather Strap
- Stainless steel pin & buckle
- Precision Apple Watch Adapters

All stainless steel fittings have been precision milled by CNC machines for the perfect fit.


Henley Strap

- 25 cm strap length
- 23 mm strap width (Watch End)
- 23 mm strap width (Buckle End)

Regatta Strap

25 cm strap length
- 24 mm strap width (Watch End)
- 23.5 mm strap width (Buckle End)


Our straps are compatible with all Apple Watch models. We only ask that you select the correct size when ordering.

How do I tell what size my Apple Watch is?

Your Apple Watch's series and size are printed on the back of the watch face.You'll find a round bulge that houses all the sensors. Check the writing around the bulge to find your Apple Watch size in mm (For example 42mm)

Care information

Both the Henley Strap & The Regatta strap are designed to be water resistant. However, as with all watch straps, we recommend you gently wipe down after being in contact with salt water.

We recommend that the Regatta Strap is kept out of intense sunlight for prolonged periods of time. This will help keep the leather in optimal condition.

Shipping & Returns

Free UK Delivery in 3-4 working days.

Free Worldwide Delivery between 5-7 working days.

We also offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, you get your money back.

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"There is something beautiful about this intersection between timeless luxury and cutting edge technology"

Montgomery - London, United Kingdom