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Retro Macintosh 1984 Apple Watch Charging Station

Retro Macintosh 1984 Apple Watch Charging Station

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At The Bridge, we truly love technology and all it's history. To us, the original Macintosh launched by Apple in 1984 truly signalled the coming of a new age in tech. A true icon in the industry. 

As our focus for the last five years has been creating fantastic Apple Watch straps that we hope Jobs would be proud of, we also wanted to pay tribute to one of his greatest inventions. 

So here it is, a cool little stand for your Apple Watch to charge in. A respectful nod to the legendary Macintosh 128k. 

Designed exclusively for the Apple Watch and compatible with all series except the Apple Watch Ultra 49mm



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"So nostalgic. A true tech icon that now sits on my bedside table"

James - London, United Kingdom