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The Vienna Sport

The Vienna Sport

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The Vienna Sport strap is an easy on, easy off high grade silicone Apple watch strap designed with a pulse magnetic clasp for a strong hold when on and an easy disconnect when it's time to take it off. This means you can feel confident when sprinting around the tennis court and easily remove when it's time to switch it up to The Kensington strap for a dinner date in the city.

The Vienna was designed exclusively for the Apple Watch and is compatible with all series, including the new Apple Watch Ultra. 


Silicone Strap

Magnetic metal clasp


20 cm strap length
24cm length including Apple Watch

22 mm strap width


Our straps are compatible with all Apple Watch models. We only ask that you select the correct size when ordering.

How do I tell what size my Apple Watch is?

Your Apple Watch's series and size are printed on the back of the watch face.You'll find a round bulge that houses all the sensors. Check the writing around the bulge to find your Apple Watch size in mm (For example 42mm)

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"A really fantastic strap. Pairs well with my Wilson tennis racket"

Michael - Geneva, Switzerland

Our Hybrid Strap Obsession

We have been obsessing our Hybrid Apple Watch Strap designs for years now. We think the Vienna Sport is a great example of this unwavering focus.

A high grade silicone to weather all athletic activities but a smart design that transcends physical activity and delivers on all occasions.

Athletic Design

Designed with a contrasting stripe down the centre of the strap, perfect when it comes to pairing it with your favourite sporting attire.

It's all in the details...

It took 12 iterations to design what we believe is the perfect watch strap box...

A British Racing Green box, printed with a 12k gold foil and reinforced to withstand up to 20kg of direct pressure. Ensuring your strap gets to you in pristine condition every time.

It also doubles up as "wow worthy" gifting experience.