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The Atlantic Strap

The Atlantic Strap

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The Atlantic Strap has been designed for those that thrive in water and out of it.  A high performance silicone, an extended strap and punctured with tubular geometry, this strap fits snug & secured no matter the activity on hand. Whether it's an Iron Man, big wave surfing or 18 holes of golf - this is the all round sports strap.

Delivering uncompromising security for you Apple Watch is essential, even at high speeds or when tackling rough waters. The stainless steel buckle and adjustable loop ensure you can focus on the thrill, because we've secured your watch. 


High Grade Silicone

Polished & precision milled stainless steel buckle & Apple Watch connectors.


20 cm strap length

22 mm strap width

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"I love tracking my time & movement out in the water and knowing I can do this with security, helps me focus on what I love - the swim itself"

Sam - Cornwall, United Kingdom

The All Round Sports Strap

Built for the water yet perfect for all athletic endeavours. A snug, secure & comfortable fit ensures you can focus on your performance whilst knowing your Apple Watch is secured.